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Discover the ultimate Audi servicing and repair experience at Bondi Motor Works. Your local Bondi Junction Audi experts, we cater to all models, from Q7 to TT and A6, offering A1 customer service. Our Audi tuning and diagnostics services can boost performance, and we specialize in validated Audi log book maintenance. Trust us with your Audi, and experience top-quality care just around the corner. Drive the best, service with the best – Bondi Motor Works.
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Audi Expertise at Bondi Motor Works

Audi Servicing When’s the last time you took your Q7 or E89 to a Waverley or Woollahra auto repair shop? If you’re like many other Sydney Audi owners, then the answer is probably never as you’ve chosen to take your Audi to the dealership for any work that needs to be done. The main reason that so many people choose the dealership rather than a locally-owned auto garage is that they don’t know an Audi expert could be just around the corner. At Bondi Motor Works, we’re experienced and knowledgeable about all Audi models, including the TT and A6.

A1 Customer Service

In addition to being a fully local option, Bondi Motor Works prides itself on having the best customer service in the business. We know that it can be stressful to have your Audi worked on and we’ll keep you in the loop at all times with what’s going on with your car. We’ll never start a repair without your consent and you can be sure that our technicians will treat your F25 or A8 as if it were their own.

Audi Tuning and Diagnostics

If you want to bring your older Audi back to factory performance or maybe push your new Audi even further, then our Audi tuning and diagnostics services could be of use. In the case of the former, one of our talented staff will complete a full tune up that will address your spark plugs, distributor cap, idle rpm, and plenty of other concerns. However, if you’re looking for a power boost, then our new Audi advanced tuning packages may be the ticket to adding horsepower and torque.

Validated Audi Log Book Maintenance

For new Audi owners in Bronte, Dover Heights, and any other neighbourhood in Sydney, it’s important to remember your car’s log book maintenance. More than just keeping your Audi in peak condition, your log book is also connected to your warranty and if you miss a service, then the manufacturer may no longer honour the new car warranty. At Bondi Motor Works, we’re your partner for local Audi log book service and maintaining a functional warranty.

As an Audi owner, you know what it means to drive one of the best cars in production, but do you get the same solid feeling from your garage of choice? If not, give Bondi Motor Works a try for your next service or repair.

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