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At Bondi Motor Works, our skilled team of Nissan specialists in Bondi Junction ensures your vehicle receives top-quality servicing, thorough e-Safety checks, and expert repairs. Contact us now for dependable Nissan care!
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Nissan Specialists in Bondi Junction

Nissan ServicingWhether you drive a Versa, Pathfinder, or other model, you’ve probably already discovered that finding a Nissan service expert in Sydney isn’t as easy as it seems. A local Sydney dealership charges too much and independent garages don’t have the knowledge needed to work on your vehicle. At Bondi Motor Works, we’re the exception to the rule, with an experienced team of mechanics that have an extensive history of dealing with Xterra, Sentra, and Altima vehicles. We’re proud to the Nissan specialist you’re looking for.

Nissan e-Safety Checks and Pink Slips

A Nissan usually retains value well as it ages, which means that you’ll likely need to go through the tag renewal process several times before your car bites the dust. When you need a pink slip or e-Safety Check, Bondi Motor Works can help. We’ll complete the needed inspection and can either give you a physical report of the inspection or forward it directly to the right NSW office. If your Rogue or Maxima needs some work before renewal (white slip), we’ll give you a free, competitively-priced estimate for getting your car legal as quickly as possible.

New Nissan Maintenance

There are plenty of good reasons to buy a new X-Trail or GT-R, with a solid warranty being one of them. However, you should know that Nissan warranties are contingent on the completion of specific maintenance that is outlined in the owner’s log book. Because we are licensed Nissan specialists, we’re able to do all of the log book service at a price that falls well below a Nissan dealership without a drop in quality. Come by our shop to see or price list of Nissan log book maintenance tasks or call to set up an appointment.

General Repairs At The Right Price

The advantage of having a Nissan expert like Bondi Motor Works on your Teana or Atlas is that you can be sure the right repairs are being done. Other garages in Sydney may just advise a full part replacement, but we are more interested in finding out the actual cause of the issue before giving you a solution. Using diagnostic equipment that exceeds industry standards, we’ll figure out what’s going on and give you our professional repair opinion that fully addresses the problem.

As a Nissan owner, you likely put a high value on reliability – something that your local mechanic should mirror. Bondi Motor Works is the epitome of reliability and our fair prices make us the right choice for any service or repair you need.

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