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Experience top-notch servicing and repairs for your BMW X4, E32, F25, E89, or i3 at Bondi Motor Works in Bondi Junction. Our expert mechanics provide dealership-level expertise and complete log book maintenance. Keep your BMW's AC running smoothly with our services. Discover professionalism, transparent pricing, and a friendly neighborhood service.
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An Eastern Suburbs BMW Expert

BMW ServicingWhen you drive a BMW X4 or E32, you expect high performance and the kind of ultimate driving experience that only the finest German engineers can deliver. At Bondi Motor Works, our goal is the same – we want you to experience only the best from your BMW and our full suite of maintenance and repair services are designed to make that possible. If something feels even the slightest bit off with your i3 or F12, schedule a convenient time to come in and our mechanics will bring your performance back up to speed.

BMW Dealership Alternative

When your F25 or E89 needs a repair or just some general service, you have more options than only a Sydney BMW dealership. While these dealerships may claim to know your car, our mechanics have spent years working on BMW models and their understanding is as good, if not better. What separates us from the dealership mechanics is that our team works on many different makes and has a more complete base of auto repair knowledge. As such, this well-rounded approach means that no problem is unsolvable and our expert technicians are capable of fixing even the most complex BMW issues.

Complete Log Book Maintenance

The biggest part of the BMW dealership service misconception is the concept that only they are authorised to take care of your log book tasks. The truth of the matter (based on legislation) is that you as a car owner have the freedom to have log book maintenance done at any licensed mechanic. All Bondi Motor Works technicians have full licensing, which means that they are valid options when it comes to your BMW’s log book service.

AC Service For BMW Models

Nothing is worse than having a high performance car like a BMW that’s lacking in the comfort department, such as with an AC that doesn’t produce cold air. Our air conditioning service at Bondi Motor Works starts with an investigation to see if there are leaks or blockages and ends with a topping up of all fluids and gas once the system is functional. Most BMW models will need an AC service approximately once every two years and with our exceptional pricing, the quick job will surely be worth it in the summer heat.

Let Bondi Motor Works in Bondi Junction be your BMW service provider of choice. Professionalism, clear pricing, talented staff, and a friendly neighbourhood smile are just a few of the advantages we offer.

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