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Almost no other auto problem is as noticeable as a faulty muffler or exhaust – the loud noises, the noxious smells, and the billowing of smoke are dead giveaways that your car is in desperate need of some exhaust system work.
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Bring your car to Bondi Motor Works in Bondi Junction and we’ll help you get rid of the shame and bring your vehicle back to something you can be proud of.

Effects of Exhaust System Issues

While the sound, smell, and smoke may seem bad enough, there’s actually more problems going on when your car has exhaust system troubles. In addition to these outward signs, you’ll almost surely notice that your fuel efficiency is rapidly going down.

When an exhaust system issue is not repaired in time, it can devolve quickly and affect several components, including the muffler, catalytic converter, and even the engine. In addition, the muffler is responsible for filtering fumes from the cabin, so a problem could also be endangering your health.

The Process of Repairing Your Exhaust

With many components being involved in your car’s exhaust, finding the offending part or parts takes experience. Our talented technicians will start with a full system inspection to find bad connections, holes or erosion in the components, or any other issues.

In the best case scenario, your exhaust issues could be nothing more than a leak where pipes meet. In the worst case, holes in the catalytic converter or muffler could be the problem. Whatever, the issue, we’ll show and explain fully what’s happening and our best solution before starting to work. That way, you’ll know both the exact repair we’re completing and the associated price.

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