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Trust Bondi Motor Works for exceptional Subaru repairs and log book maintenance in Sydney. Our talented mechanics specialize in Forester, Legacy, Impreza, Tribeca, WRX, Levorg, and Exiga models. Ensure your Subaru's longevity and warranty with our dedicated expertise
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A Subaru Service With A Smile

Subaru ServicingFor the past few years, the number of Subaru Forester, Legacy, and Impreza model owners in Sydney has grown tremendously, due in no small part to the realisation that these are quality vehicles at an extraordinary dollar for value price. At Bondi Motor Works, we’ve known about the high standards of Subaru for quite a while and have made it a point to become Subaru experts, ready to handle any problems local Sydney owners might face over the life of their car.

General Subaru Repairs

In terms of general Subaru repairs, nothing is beyond the grasp of the team at Bondi Motor Works. From water pumps to alternators to timing belts, we have direct access to a huge inventory of Subaru parts, which translates to a speedy fix that will have your Tribeca or WRX back in business in no time flat. The key to our efficient and effective repair service is not only about our ability to source parts quickly, but more importantly, it has to do with the technicians we employ at our Bondi Junction shop.

Talented Sydney Mechanics

First and foremost, Bondi Motor Works is concerned with quality. That’s why we start with the most experienced and talented mechanics in the greater Sydney area. Coming from Queens Park, Woollahra, and many other neighbourhoods, our technicians take pride in what they do and are always looking for opportunities like auto repair conferences to learn new innovations in the industry. With years and years of experience working on Levorg, Exiga, and other Subaru models, you can count on our mechanics knowing exactly how to deal with your individual issue.

Validated Subaru Log Book Maintenance

The long life of your Subaru depends on quality repair, but the starting point is taking care of scheduled maintenance in a timely manner, specifically those tasks listed in the log book. Backed by solid research, these service appointments are meant to address potential issues and maintain your new Subaru’s warranty. In addition, they give our talented mechanics the chance to discover potential problems and address them before they do major harm, such as causing transmission wear or engine overheating.

If you value your Subaru, then choosing the right mechanic is an important decision. The wrong hands can do just as much harm as good, so leave your car with an established expert like Bondi Motor Works.

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