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Bondi Motor Works offers expert car servicing and repairs in Queens Park. From routine maintenance to complex repairs for Saab, Subaru, Volkswagen, and more, our convenient location near Queens Park ensures same-day service. Call (02) 9386 0001 for directions or visit us for efficient solutions and competitive prices on water pumps, hoses, and fleet services.
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Your car deserves the best. That’s why Bondi Motor Works is the perfect match for your Saab, Subaru, Volkswagen, or other model car. With a comprehensive approach to auto repair in Queens Park, we’re ready to service whatever car you drive in every manner needed, from routine log book maintenance like a tune up to rebuilding a starter assembly. You name it – Bondi Motor Works can do it.

Convenient Location Near Queens Park

As a true neighborhood garage, our facility is located in Bondi Junction and is easily accessible from all points in Queens Park. Being close to your home or business means that same-day service is made even easier. Drop off your car in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon for a seamless integration into your everyday life. For directions to our shop, feel free to call (02) 9386 0001 or take a look at the handy map on our location page.

Water Pumps And Hoses

One of the main reasons why we’re able to complete jobs in such a quick fashion is the fact that we keep a massive inventory of parts like water pumps and hoses to take a step out of the repair or maintenance process. In the rare case where we don’t have the part we need at hand, we also have direct connections with parts distributors that can have a piece delivered to our doorstop just a short time after we place an order. These same connections also allow us to offer parts prices much cheaper than you’ll find in an auto parts store.

Queens Park Fleet Services

For companies with a fleet of business vehicles in Queens Park, Bondi Motor Works is your local partner for all your servicing needs. In addition to providing warranty-safe maintenance and repairs, we also keep complete records of all work done as part of our fleet management plans. Whether they’re Nissan, Ford, or other models, let us take care of your cars and leave you to continue to grow your business.

From private drivers to large-scale fleet operations, Bondi Motor Works can handle any auto-related issue you may have. Quality technicians and a local spirit add up to a solution you’ll be happy with.

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