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At Bondi Motor Works, our expert mechanics provide top-tier Renault servicing in Sydney. We're authorized to safeguard your warranty and ensure your Renault runs flawlessly. Experience reliable Renault care with us.
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Perfect Renault Service Every Time

Renault ServicingAs a daily driver, it’s hard to beat a Renault Logan or Clio. Perfectly built for landscapes like the city of Sydney, cars from the French automaker will help you accomplish everyday tasks seamlessly. At the same time, what happens when your Duster or Sandero starts to have problems? You could take your car to a Renault dealership, but Bondi Motor Works offers a holistic solution that a dealership can’t compete with. Our job is solving your Renault problems and we’ll find the origin of the issue, not just its outward symptoms.

Renault Log Book Specialists

With the number of Renault cars like the Pulse and Twizy growing higher and higher every year, Bondi Motor Works is committed your new car running as well as the day you bought it. The secret in that process is high quality log book servicing. When it’s time for your Renault’s next log book task, our efficient team will meet or exceed the log book standards and complete a full inspection that can help discover a potentially major issue before it starts to cause problems with your driving experience.

Your Renault Warranty Is Safe With Us

A major concern for many Renault drivers is that completing service at an independent auto shop could somehow void the manufacturer’s warranty. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Bondi Motor Works as we’re fully authorised to perform all repairs and maintenance, regardless of the model of Renault you own. Keeping your warranty valid means that we’ll always use parts that pass the OEM’s standards and our technicians will utilise techniques developed specifically for Renault vehicles. You can relax knowing that Bondi Motor Works understands your car’s warranty and how to best protect it.

Gearbox and Transmission Repairs

For a Zoe or Kadjar in North Bondi that needs gearbox, clutch, or transmission service or replacement, Bondi Motor Works has access to a wide inventory of parts and models to make the work as easy as possible and reduce the time your car is in the shop. We’ll bring your Renault back to perfect working condition and a spongy clutch or slipping gears will soon be a problem of the past. Trust our talented mechanics to get the job done quickly and effectively.

If you’re tired of the service provided by a Sydney Renault dealership, give Bondi Motor Works a shot. We’re local, we’re experienced, and we’ll show the professionalism that a top shelf operation can bring to the table.

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