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For the best in independent Toyota servicing in Sydney, choose Bondi Motor Works. With experienced Toyota mechanics, transparent pricing, and validated log book maintenance, we ensure your Fortuner, Yaris, Corolla, and more receive top-notch care. Drive with confidence.
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Toyota Mechanics With Unparalleled Experience

Toyota ServicingWhen you want the best for your Toyota Fortuner or Yaris, there’s only one repair garage in Sydney that can combine countless years of experience with prices designed to fit your budget – Bondi Motor Works. Our team of technicians has been in the business of servicing Toyota models for quite a while and is a combination of both older and younger talent, all under one roof. Regardless of whether you have a Camry or Rukus, you can be sure that our staff know exactly what to do.

Honest And Fair Prices

The other side of the Bondi Motor Works coin is our pricing system, which is completely transparent. Labor and parts will be clearly separated on your final invoice to make sure there’s no question about the cost. In addition, we’ll notify you of the work to be done to your Toyota ahead of time to give you final veto power over what you want done to your Corolla or Aurion. Being honest is a critical factor in repeat business in the automotive repair industry and a value that we hold very highly.

Validated Toyota Log Book Maintenance

For many owners of Toyota cars in Sydney, the long term relationship with Bondi Motor Works starts with log book maintenance to keep your 86 or Prius in full compliance with the conditions of your warranty. In these early service visits, our comprehensive approach has won over many fans that return to our Bondi Junction facility whenever they need supplementary service or repair. Log book validation comes standard with any maintenance we do.

Bondi Junction Muffler Service for your Toyota

As your Toyota gets older and your relationship with Bondi Motor Works grows, there may come a time when you need an exhaust system service. Driving on rough terrain or just amassing years can eventually damage the exhaust system, leading to loud noises, strange smells, smoke, and possibly even an unsafe carbon monoxide situation. When these symptoms appear, schedule a visit and we’ll complete a full exhaust and muffler service that will leave your Toyota with better fuel economy and a perfectly working exhaust system.

When you start a relationship with Bondi Motor Works, you’re taking the same steps that many Toyota owners have previously taken. Our track record with other Toyota drivers stands tall and we’re proud of our extensive history as a quality Toyota service provider.

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