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Discover the third choice for Mitsubishi owners – Bondi Motor Works. Your independent Mitsubishi expert in Bondi Junction, offering convenient drop-off, scheduled log book maintenance, and fleet services. Upgrade your driving experience.
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Your Independent Mitsubishi Expert

Mitsubishi ServicingWhen it comes to getting your Outlander or Triton worked on, most Mitsubishi owners believe they have two choices – one dealership or another. However, the truth is that there’s a third choice and one that offers a wide range of benefits over Sydney Mitsubishi dealerships. That option is Bondi Motor Works – an independent auto repair shop in Bondi Junction that has experience with the full gamut of Mitsubishi models from Lancer to Pajero and all points in the middle.

Convenient Drop-Off Point

Our location is certainly a big advantage as our Bondi Junction shop is convenient to many neighbourhoods like Waverley, Woollahra, and Dover Heights. With easy access from main roads, you’ll find that bringing your Mitsubishi to us is a snap. Many customers choose to drop off their car with us for routine maintenance on the way to work and pick it up on the way home – an effortless solution. For those wishing to wait until their car is ready, Bondi Motor Works also has a modern lounge equipped with plenty of amenities.

Mitsubishi Scheduled Log Book Maintenance

The majority of the work we do on ASX, Mirage, and other Mitsubishi models is standard log book maintenance, but we are also available to take care of other repairs as well. In the case of both, we are fully licensed and conform to all repair standards set by Mitsubishi. You can expect parts that meet or pass the OEM standards and we only use approved techniques for working on your car. With log book tasks, we’ll be sure to validate the job that has been done as a form of protection for your warranty.

Servicing For Sydney Fleets

Local Sydney businesses that have chosen Mitsubishi for their fleet vehicles will be pleased to learn that we offer complete fleet management, including log book service, standard check-ups, and repairs covered by your corporate agreement. To meet the demands of large companies, we can establish a set program for each individual vehicle that will keep your fleet on the road as much as possible. In the case of longer repairs, we can also assist with loaner cars until the work is completed.

Whether you’re a business owner with a fleet of Mitsubishi cars or just a private owner, Bondi Motor Works is an independent garage competent with all Mitsubishi service. Contact us today to upgrade your driving experience.

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